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Which Automotive Dealer Management System Do You Really Need?

Automotive dealer management system selection is important and not that hard.

Retail automotive dealers face this question and set out to compare the many automotive Dealer Management System software solutions (DMS) available on the market today. Recently I wrote how different Dealer System Providers (DSPs) sell the same manufacturer integration in name, but differ in functionality. Considering what you really need and not just following the old adage that "more is better" is the challenge.

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Which Auto Dealer Management Software is the Best?

Which auto dealer software (DMS or F&I) is the best? This is a common question that has been asked by auto dealers.

Surveys, polls, and focus groups have tried to answer this question without success for many years. Why? They are asking the wrong question. When investigating auto dealer management software, dealers should be asking; which is the best auto dealer software for my dealership?

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Auto Dealer Software Manufacturer Integration Similar in Name Only

Buyer Beware! A universal warning for all auto dealers looking to purchase a dealer management system.

There are many auto dealer software providers in the industry providing all flavors of dealer management systems at various price points. On the surface they all look the same with accounting, payroll, parts inventory, service management, F&I and auto manufacturer integration.

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How Auto Manufacturer Integration Benefits the Warranty Administrator and Auto Dealer

Auto manufacturer integration helps streamline auto dealer internal processes, reduces data entry errors and saves time by eliminating dual entry of data by the Warranty Administrator. There are more benefits.

These commly known benefits all sound nice in a sales pitch, but auto manufacturer integration can help an auto dealership increase revenue or reducing cost in ways you may not be aware of. I would like to share a personal experience where the installation of warranty integration resulted in Warranty Administrator labor savings for the Business Office.

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Auto Dealer or Auto Manufacturer - Who Owns The Customer?

Does the auto manufacturer own the customer or is it the auto dealer? Who "owns" the customer?
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Actual vs Perceived Value of Auto Dealer Software Integration

What is the value of a single auto dealer software integration?

The answer to this questions is complex. It is also crucial to understand due to the fact that the answer feeds return on investment discussions. Integrations that are one sided in value for the auto manufacturer or auto dealer tend to struggle and/or fail. Due to the complexity of the topic, I'll focus on a small piece of it; creating a business case based on actual vs perceived value.

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Tags: auto dealer software, integrations, Auto Manufacturer, Auto Dealer

The Evolution of Auto Dealer Software and Parts Department Management

Auto dealer software drives the evolution of dealership parts department management.

The process of managing parts inventory for an automotive dealership has come a long way over the years.  Parts Managers who once managed their inventories on index cards now use auto dealer software programmed with complex algorithms that calculate ordering rules and analyze industry trends.  It is safe to say that the evolution of car dealer software integration in retail automotive dealership Parts Departments can be largely credited as a driver of this change.

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Tags: auto dealer software, parts order, Auto Manufacturer, Automotive Solutions, Dealer Management Software

Time is Money When It Comes To Vehicle Warranty Claims Processing

Efficiencies In Vehicle Warranty Claims Processing Equate to Better Cash Flow for Auto Dealerships

We've all heard the saying "time is money". A classic real world business example can be found in the day to day dealership operations tasks of automotive vehicle warranty claims processing.  A stack of vehicle warranty claims sitting on a desk of a Warranty Administrator equates to money that should be in the auto dealership bank account.  Any efficiency in processing warranty claims is critical to effectively managing an auto dealership. Luckily, auto dealer software that is integrated with the manufacturer business systems can be easily obtained that helps to solve this problem.

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Dealer Management Software New Vehicle Sales Reporting Solutions

Certified integrated dealer management software solutions for vehicle delivery reporting can greatly streamline dealer processes.

The previous article "Auto Dealers Report New Vehicle Sales via Dealer Management Software" described how a typical delay of data entry related to new vehicle sales can quickly turn into a dealership worst case scenario. Simplified retail delivery reporting via the dealer management software helps reduce data entry overhead and helps keep the dealership on track for meeting sales goals.

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Tags: auto dealer software, integrations, Auto Manufacturer, Automotive Solutions, Dealer Management Software, Retail Delivery Reporting, New Vehicle Sales

Automotive Dealer Software Service Write-up Solutions

Service Write-up with Certified Integrated Auto Dealer Software

The previous article "The Need for Service Write-up Integration" described how a typical morning drop off in a busy Service Department that does not have auto dealer software certified for integrations with the auto manufacturer is not conducive to finding out if a vehicle has an open campaign. Gathering campaign information at the time of write-up is crucial to customer service, service revenue and could even have legal implications. The service bay write-up needs to improve.

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