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Software Illustrates Health Insurance Price Changes in Boston, MA

Posted by Andrew Day on Mon, Nov 21, 2011 @ 04:02 PM

Business Intelligence Software Gives Insurance Companies Visibility Into the Boston, MA Market

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Business intelligence software for insurance companies automates the process of gathering large amounts of data rapidly.  The data can be instantly turned into the kind of information that is imperative for procurement, sales, intelligence teams, and executives to know.

The following rate change chart displays the overall health insurance rate changes for a 42 year old male in 02124 - Boston, MA over the course of 2011. The chart was produced quickly and easily from software for insurance companies



Change Detail

Blue Cross Blue Shield


10%-13% Increase to All Plans



2.8% Increase to All Plans

Fallon Community health Plan


12% Decrease to All Plans


Not April

Increase or Decrease by a couple dollars every month

Harvard Pilgrim


Increase or Decrease by a couple dollars every month

Neighborhood Health Plan


2.3% Increase to All Plans



2.1% Increase to All Plans

Tufts health Plan


Increase or Decrease by a couple dollars every month



Complete Plan Change


Overall, it seems as though the health insurance rates in Massachusetts are extraordinarily volatile.  Almost every company made rate changes to all of their plans each month.  Fallon Community Health Plan stood out as the only company to go through a net decrease in rates without changing coverage.

Any number of conclusions can be inferred from this type of data.  The above table and summary simply illustrate the plan data that is actually offered to individuals, and how they changed over the course of 2011.  Business intelligence software for health insurance companies provides the facts that allow for the competitive insights that can be applied to essential marketing, sales, and executive management decisions.

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