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Finally! Health Care Solutions For a Complex Market!

Posted by Andrew Day on Mon, Mar 05, 2012 @ 09:14 AM

Health care solutions for insurance rate and benefit competitive intelligence have been elusive up until now.

You work for a health insurance company that offers individual health insurance for consumers and/or medical insurance for small business, and you are the type of person who is always looking for innovative health care solutions that can improve the competitive position of your company. You know what the problems are, but you are unable to find solutions that can help you rapidly aggregate and analyze the massive mamounts of rate and benefits data that you need. The problem is that the industry is so complex that individuals alone have limited success sifting through the data that is presented to them let alone turn it into useful information that the company can use before the data changes again.

You need health care solutions, and you need them updated constantly. Individual and small group health insurance data is updated every month by different carriers in different regions. These plans use different terminology and often obscure details that provide good apples to apples comparisons. Obtaining and comparing the information without a robust health care solution is a daunting task.

Robust Software as a Service (SaaS) health care solutions for individual and small group competitive intelligence make the impossible…possible! Imagine having one location where you can track health insurance market trends, view plan changes of all companies for any region, and compare rates, deductibles, and levels of coverage!  And imagine having that level of data updated every single month!  And then imagine being able to use that data to be creative and develop any kind of report you wish! You could make reports of Market Trending, Coverage and/or Rate Comparisons, Plan Change Tracking for any item that goes into a health insurance plan, and more!

A detailed look into a few examples of how health care solutions can be used is illustrated beautifully by Eric Grace in his blog A How-to Guide: Compare Individual and Small Group Health Plans

The only question is, can you afford NOT to have health care solutions?

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