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2011's Actual Health Insurance Rate Changes in Portland, OR

Posted by Andrew Day on Thu, Nov 17, 2011 @ 01:09 PM

Business Intelligence Software Gives Insurance Companies Visibility Into the Portland, OR Market

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Business intelligence software for insurance companies automates the process of gathering large amounts of data quickly.  The data can be instantly turned into information that would be useful to everyone from procurement and sales through intelligence teams and executives.

The following rate change chart displays the overall health insurance rate changes for a 42 year old male in 97206 - Portland, OR over the course of 2011. The chart was produced quickly and easily from software for insurance companies



Change Detail

BCBS Regence


7% Increase to All Plans



5.3% Increase to All Plans

Health Ins. Innovations


Coverage Change to all Plans



Coverage Change to All Plans

Health Net


Left Portland, OR



Coverage Change to All Plans

ODS Health Plans


11% Increase to All Plans



1% Decrease to All Plans

Pacific Source Health Plans


5% Increase to All Plans



Coverage change to HSA Plans



Left Portland, OR

Providence Health Plans


13.2% Decrease for HSA Plans



2.5% Decrease to Optima Plans



25% Decrease to Prime Plans



3.8% Decrease to Value Plans

There was only 1 company that decreased their rates for 2011.  Providence Health Plans decreased the rates of all of their products by anywhere from 2.5% to 25% without changing coverage.  Blue Cross Blue Shield Regence had the largest increase to their rates by a factor of 13% from January to December.

Any number of conclusions can be drawn from this data.  This particular view describes how much health insurance plans changed over the course of 2011.  Business intelligence software for health insurance companies provides the facts that allow for the competitive insights that can be applied to marketing, sales, and executive management decisions.

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