Rapid Adaptation Strategy for Integrating with Health Insurance Exchanges

health insurance exchange integration white paper

Government-based Exchanges will create substantial new markets for the private-sector health insurance carriers with an estimated 27-30 million people gaining coverage through these new markets by 2019 and up to 80 million people coming to the Exchanges for information about coverage.

  • Are you ready to capture your share of the new business generated by these Exchanges?
  • Do you understand the data integration requirements associated with the mandated Health Insurance Exchanges?
  • Is your technology prepared to share data successfully with the Exchange, CMS, the Reinsurer, and other State agencies?

Find out how a cloud-based technology that connects you with Health Insurance Exchanges can yield lower implementation costs, shortened implementation timelines and increased quality in our latest whitepaper:“Rapid Adaptation Strategy for Integrating with Health Insurance Exchanges.”

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