Oxlo ODIN, The Leading Automotive Retail Dealer Integration Network, Leverages Interop Certified ebXML ebMS Services for Data Exchange

ebXML MSH.NET v2.0 from Oxlo Systems Completes Drummond Group Inc. ebMS-4Q16 Base, Automotive Retail and XML Encryption Profile Interop Certification.

About Oxlo's Open Dealer Integration Network

Oxlo's ODIN, the Open Dealer Integration Network for the automotive industry, is used by automotive Dealer Service Providers to exchange data with US Automakers for the fulfillment of automotive retail data exchange.  Dealer Service Providers connected to Oxlo’s ODIN, an integrated network of thousands of Auto Dealers, Automakers and Captive Finance organizations, leverage Oxlo’s ebXML MSH technology through a simple SaaS based subscription. 

Software developers integrate with ebXML data exchange partners seamlessly using simplified APIs and familiar and modern data exchange technologies like WS and REST.

About ebXML ebMS v2.0

ebMS v2.0 is a Message Service protocol for reliable Business-to-Business data interchange. ebMS v2.0 adds quality of service features on top of transfer protocols such as HTTP and SMTP.

Key qualities of service features include guaranteed delivery and non-repudiation of receipt. ebMS v2.0 can reliably transfer any data type including XML, X12, EDIFACT, or binary data between two parties over the Internet.

Oxlo ebMS MSH.NET v2.0 Features:

  • ebXML ebMS v 2.0 MSH Send and Receive
    • RSA and DSA Data Signing
    • Multi-Megabyte Large Payload Data Transfer
  • XML Encryption Profile Interoperable
    • Client Authentication 
    • XML Encryption
    • Digital Signatures
  • Automotive Retail Profile Interoperable
    • XML payloads
    • Payload Compression
    • Payload Signaure  and Compression 
  • Built on Microsoft .NET