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Dealer Management Software New Vehicle Sales Reporting Solutions

Certified integrated dealer management software solutions for vehicle delivery reporting can greatly streamline dealer processes.

The previous article "Auto Dealers Report New Vehicle Sales via Dealer Management Software" described how a typical delay of data entry related to new vehicle sales can quickly turn into a dealership worst case scenario. Simplified retail delivery reporting via the dealer management software helps reduce data entry overhead and helps keep the dealership on track for meeting sales goals.

Auto dealer software solutions that include certified integrations with the auto manufacturer are abundant in the market and provide significant value to auto dealership management. Integrated auto dealer software management solutions provide benefit in a number of ways including:

  • no more stacks of deal jackets sitting on you desk staring at you all month.
  • dual entry of data already in your dealer management system
  • data entry errors
  • calls from your automaker district manager asking if you have sold any vehicle this month

suto management software new vehicle sales reporting A solution that has certified integrations with the auto manufacturer for vehicle delivery reporting is also beneficial for the automaker. The automaker is able to get more up to date information on vehicle sales through a district, region and country. This is valuable information for forecasting, marketing, advertising, incentive plans and more. Gathering sales throughout a month instead of on the last day is extremely valuable for the automaker.

If you are not using an integrated solution for vehicle delivery reporting I have to ask:

  1. Is it because your automaker does not offer it?
  2. Is it because your Dealer System Provider does not offer it?
  3. It is offered, but you can type in all of the data faster than the few seconds it takes to electronically submit it.

If your answer is number three, I would ask that you take a close look into your process. It would take me longer to type a VIN than submitting all of your vehicle deliveries electronically. If it is because either your automaker or Dealer System Provider does not offer integrated vehicle delivery reporting, get in contact with them to let them know that you need the functionality. Your end of the month sanity depends upon it.

rich norwood auto dealer management software experience image Rich has over 19 years automotive solutions experience with auto dealer management software. Over his 15 years with Reynolds & Reynolds (then UCS), his responsibilities included dealer management software support, auto dealer software installation, auto manufacturer account management and dealership consulting.

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